Hey hey! I like drawing but I kinda have a problem. >_< I used 2 draw 4 fun and share my art on social media, but after a while, I kind of found myself chasing after likes and drawing what others would enjoy, not what I would enjoy. So I wanted to make a space where I don't have to worry about likes, comments, or anything of the sort!

So here's a list of drawings I've made! Most of them are Sonic drawings and these are going to be sorted from most recent to oldest! I'll only be showing the drawings that I like and am proud of!

A picture of Shadow looking all badass while sitting on a rooftop! I drew this on aggie with a stylus! I haven't been able 2 draw in a while as ever since I started using a stylus 4 school, I just HAVEN'T been able 2 draw with my finger which was my primary way of drawing ;3
Since ibispaint doesn't have a computer variant I was stuck with not too many options 4 drawing but I made it work and I love the results! I know how everyone says to NEVER use black shading but honestly, using black shading made Shadow look like he was straight out of a comic! I'm also not 2 great at backgrounds but I made it work and this looks like something out of the Powerpuff Girls!

What if Sonic caught Shadow before he fell from space? Well here's what would happen according 2 a Sonadow fangirl (or fanthem???)
I'm not too great at backgrounds but I love the vibe I was able 2 catch here! I love how filled out the drawing looks! It doesn't look like there's space that needs filling or anything of the sort :3

SAILOR MOON! I've never drawn sailor moon before this so I'm just glad it turned out alright! I used this drawing to practice a bit with perspective and I'm happy it looks nice~

A drawing I made at the start of 2023! I drew this at a time where I started hating shading and avoiding drawing just so I didn't have 2 shade. This drawing helped me remove some of that hate so I'm glad 4 that. I like how simple that background is here too. It does what it needs to do. It isn't distracting and it compliments the characters in the drawing.